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Style Veneer


No prep No pain No shot 

Style Denture


Easy Efficient Esthetic 

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Our Features


Re-make Control

Our previous example: 

Issue - Open margin and open contact observed  in the patient's mouth, despite the model displaying a good fit.   

Analysis - Upon cutting the impression, the root cause was identified. We informed the dentist that the soft body hardens faster than the heavy body, leading to deformation during dual impression taking. 

Solution - Checked the expiration date of the impression material and switched to regular set impression material. Also, explained to the staff the importance of certain steps in the impression-taking process. 



We maintain patient records for a period of five years and will be responsible for the patient's care, free of charge, until the end of the five-year period.

*except the consumable products



Time is as important as the accuracy of patient care. We strive to minimize both your patient's waiting time and the dentist's chair time. (Crowns & Splints in 10-72 hours, Denture repair in 4 hours, etc.) Rush cases are always welcome. 

Annual Insights

Stay ahead in the dynamic field of dentistry with our exclusive annual insights program.



Worldwide Partnership

Distance is not an issue for us; we provide free shipping, enabling us to be a partner anywhere in the world.

Moreover at Style, we operate as one team. For our doctors and staff, we offer complimentary prosthetics.


Challenging Cases

You benefit from our extensive experience and expertise, ensuring comprehensive assistance for any case. Our team is committed to guiding you through even the most challenging situations.

"Exceptional Dental Lab! Their work is unparalleled in terms of esthetics and quality. Our clinic has consistently been impressed with the precision and attention to detail they put into every restoration. Moreover, their willingness to accommodate our specific needs and timelines sets them apart. Highly recommend!"

Dr. Dwayne Kowalchuk (DMD)

Our Story

"Every patient is our family,
                             and our top priority goes towards your success"
 - Joseph Cho (Founder, RDT)
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#112 7015 Macleod Trail SW

Calgary, AB, T2H 2K6


MON - FRI: 8AM - 5PM
SAT - SUN: Closed 

* If you require any services on Sunday, kindly give us a call



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