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Thinner than any other veneers

A lithium disilicate glass-ceramic veneer made with a thickness of 0.2mm 

No, it won't break 

After correct setting with the abutment tooth, the veneer adheres firmly, resembling one body with natural teeth, ensuring no movement and providing enhanced strength


natural, teeth-like appearance

No Anesthetize, No Preparation 

Works on: 

Diastema Teeth

Stained Teeth

Micro Teeth

Chipped Teeth

Black Triangle 

Crooked Teeth

Veneer makeovers are also possible on existing dental work, including old crowns or after completing Invisalign treatment.



minimum 0.5mm

preparation teeth

artificial shade

uses anesthesia 

3+ treatments required


0 or minimum

preparation teeth

natural shade

no anesthesia

2-3 treatments

If you'd like to discuss the preparation guide, consulting with patients, or the setting process further, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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