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Our Story

Joseph Cho 
Founder, RDT

"Every patient is our family, and our top priority goes towards your success"

I aspired to create dental prosthetics for our family members - mother, father, son and daughter. As the founder, my journey in dental technology began from earning a bachelor's degree and certifications in the field. 


Faced with many challenges in my career working as a technician,

I established my own company to uphold the genuine care I originally envisioned for patients and stay true to my intentions. 

Every case arriving at out lab is treated as a prosthetic for my own family, a perspective I instill in our dedicated team. Fortunately, with the evolution of intra-oral scanners has led to a significant reduction in errors and embraced digitization to enhance accuracy. While we acknowledge the imperfections of digital technology, our commitment to continuous research ensures we offer optimal solutions to our clients, viewing their success and satisfaction as our own. 

In this era, numerous materials and technologies are rapidly emerging. Researching and selecting materials that are better for patients and convenient for doctors is the responsibility of our laboratory. We will continuously explore and integrate the best materials and technologies to always deliver the highest quality prosthetics. 

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