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A Dental Lab Case Study 101: How to Create a Custom Cast Partial Denture for Differentiated Patient Care

Welcome to our guide on the journey of a patient's smile through custom cast partial dentures!

At our lab, we understand the profound impact that dental solutions can have on an individual's life, thus providing patients with comfortable and functional dental prosthetics that enhance their quality of life is significant.

Today, we invite you to explore the case study of anonymous patient, whose dental challenges were met with personalized care and expertise.

From the initial assessment of patient's unique needs to the remarkable outcome achieved with custom cast partial dentures, we'll shortly share the case.

Join us as we celebrate the artistry and compassion behind crafting dental solutions that truly make a difference in our patients' lives.

Case Study 101: Crafting Custom Cast Partial Dentures for Diastema Correction  

This patient presents with a diastema on the lower anterior, requiring consideration in our treatment approach.

To address this, we selected a lingual bar as the major connector for the partial denture. This decision was made to conceal the metal components, ensuring a natural appearance from the labial view.

Additionally, a rest was placed on the canines to prevent any discomfort or irritation caused by the frame digging into the lingual surface, prioritizing patient long-term oral health.

Furthermore, we incorporated guidance plates on the distal of teeth # 33 and # 43, along with C-clasps for enhanced retention and stability.

Adhering to precise dental principles, we followed the occlusal plane and the edge of the lower arch during the teeth setup process. This approach ensures the partial dentures evenly distribute chewing pressure, promoting optimal comfort for the patient.

Lastly, we undertook the polishing of the BTC point and border. This final touch not only achieves a perfect fit but also elevates the overall aesthetics, leaving our patient with a smile they can truly be proud of.

There goes the final product for try-in! ✨

Our cast partial denture is designed to ensure that no metal is visible during wear, ensuring patients confidently wear for natural-looking smile.

With great pride, we produce cast partial dentures that excel in functionality. In addition to providing comfort and durability, they elevate the overall appearance of the smile with its aesthetic appeal.

Utilizing advanced materials and expert craftsmanship, our cast partial denture seamlessly integrates and delivers a flawless blend with the natural teeth.


For those who ever wondered about the process of cast partial denture creation, here's the essential steps!

  1. Design

  2. Surveyed

  3. Duplicate

  4. Duplicate model

  5. Wax up

  6. Investment

  7. Burn out

  8. Casting

  9. Sanding

  10. Co-Cr Polishing

  11. Wax set up(try-in)

  12. Curing

  13. Acrylic Polishing


Here's our reels for the cast partial denture!

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